Julie and I are so excited to join together in creating Simply Organized!  I am so blessed to have her alongside me in this journey.  We will be using this blog to share organizing ideas, to tell what is going on in our business, and to connect with our customers.  We have many exciting things planned... one being our upcoming Open House Extravaganza!!  We are offering two dates when we will be opening up our homes so that you can get a hands-on glimpse of the ideas we have used in our homes.  You will even be free to rummage our cabinets and drawers!!!  So don't miss out!  Now, we need something from you... respond to this post with organizational questions/problems that you need ideas and tips for.  We will use your questions for later posts!!  Blessings...rachel
4/7/2010 12:50:25 am

What a fabulous idea! I spent some time reviewing your blog/website and it is safe to say that you will be hearing from me SOON! I have the HARDEST time keeping my house organized with a husband and 4 kiddos....I was excited to see some of your ideas in the "Simple Solutions" and am going to try to implement some of those same ideas in my home. Thanks for the great ideas, I'll be getting in touch soon to see what yall can do to help me :)

4/7/2010 04:02:09 am

This webpage is awesome! You left no room for questions or errors...good job! I love the pics on the simple solutions page. I am so excited for ya'll!

4/7/2010 04:39:36 am

this sounds so great! i can't wait to see what you guys have in store. hi julie! :)


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